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Debbie, is one of the worst attorney I have encounter. She's only after a dollar.

Took me for over 4K in 2months and did absolutely nothing for my case. Keep looking and go with your instincts. Debbie loves representing the Hispanic (non English speaking) because she knows she can screw them over. Debbie is very rude when trying to explain things she ignores you.

According to her receptionist when you call to speak with her she's never in the office but will charge you for even offering a bottle of water. She surely was and hired someone else who was amazing and a thousands cheaper than Debbie.

Product or Service Mentioned: Law Office Of Debbie Lopez Carr Attorney.

Reason of review: pissed client.

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Tony Moore

Agree with you 100% SOME ATTORNEYS are just after a dollar without caring about peoples feelings. I think we're already stressing looking for an attorney for some to open their doors just to take advantage of our feeling and money.

Tony Moore

If I were able to give her a -10 I would. I agree 100% with others reviews.

Lopez took over 4k from me in two months by the third month she wanted more money. When asking question she got very offensive as if I was working for her not her for me. A lot of the paperwork that should have been filed on my case was never filed. She completely botched my case.

Needleless to say she was fired and hired someone else who was amazing! Lopez, loves Hispanics (Spanish speaking only) clientele because she can screw them over and they stay quiet. You were warned, please go with your gut instinct. I wish, I had never hired her.

Porfavor no retengan los servicios de esta señora abogada. A ella le gusta aser negocios con gente hispana porque le gusta sacarles el dinero, que feo, porque la gente hispana se gana trabajando su dinero de sol a sol. Esta abogada no sirve. Nunca hace lo que dice y te cobra $400 por minute no por hora.

Los que dicen aqui que an trabajado con ella y le an dado 5 estrellas no es cierto, ella emplea pura gente Hispana.

Corran estan advertidos! your message hereage here

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